Monday, March 22, 2010

Of Grinding the Same Stuff Over and Over...

It's horrifying to see how much progress can be halted by a mere 400 ms increase of latency. It's devastating to watch how a 7.8k latency can assist Ulduar trash in pwning you. And it's sobering to know that today you are unable to do anything because when you log in, you're met with an awesome 23.0k latency.

I hate you, red latency. =(

All that latency-hate aside, I at least managed to get a few things done across all my toons. Most notable would be the Hunter and the Druid, which I will of course elaborate below.

The most exciting thing is the weekend Ulduar run by my guild. Instead of scheduling it in the afternoon/evening, Stormy set it in the morning - which, where I am, is early evening. Therefore I quickly put myself up as a Tentative, and on that fateful morning/evening/timezone differential FTL, Aelyra joined another 9 guildies at the entrance to Ulduar. It was fun, it was eye-opening, it was... laggy. I got hit with a 7.8k latency just before engaging the molten giants just outside Ignis's furnace, and the lag presisted until all Ignis's trash is out (I died twice on trash, if you must know). Informed the guildies I'm re-logging - reset the 'Net connection too while I'm at it - and everything went smooth again. I had to leave due to IRL just after we downed Razorscale, but came back for the tries against Hodir and later Freya. We didn't get past them, but maybe another day, eh?

Aenur - Inching her way so very slowly towards the 120 Emblem of Frost mark (she has 99 of them at the moment) and her two pieces of Tier 10. Also, once she got enough Champion's Seal to buy that Argent Pony, I'm yanking her out of the Tourney area and do VoA/Wintergrasp for a change. All those dailies are starting to suck the fun out of me.

Aelyra - Ulduar! No proper loot though - mostly cloth and plate drops. At least she got a few achieves and some badges!

Aerhandor - Made him run random heroics despite his gear not meeting my standards. I had no choice, since Goddess of Random Normal Instances seems hell-bent to send Aerhandor into HoR fail PuGs. After a whole two days of stressed-filled random heroics in which he dies a lot, the Druid finally got enough to get Runetotem's Headguard of Conquest. Unfortunately I bought the wrong meta (he has absolutely no gems required to activate it currently) so he had to be content without the meta for the time being. Now, onwards to the chestpiece!

Aerdread - Still with JC dailies (I bet you're getting sick with it, =D )

Aergor - Hits level 65, has finished all but one quest in Zangarmarsh (excluding quests that gives Cenarion Expedition rep), and is now prepped to start leveling in Terokkar Forest. His Enchanting proff is at a comfortable enough level, I may start to powerlevel it when he hits 70.

Aeyrin - Moving slowly. She's now level 42 courtesy of Dustwallow Marsh, and I expect her to be at least 90% into 43 by the time she's done there.

On other news (SAN-related):-

Aethrain - Is now level 10, has completed his pet questline and is the proud partner of a slightly miffed striped Nightsaber.

I don't see much happening if the situation with latency doesn't improve soon. I've already skipped much of the dailies and all the random heroics due to the lag factor, and when it gets worse at times I just switched the comp off and go play with my baby boy rather than attempt to play on an alternate server. I guess maybe it's a burnout effect - I hope not, since I'm determined to prepare adequately for Cataclysm since I never had the chance to in BC and Wrath.

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