Monday, March 15, 2010

Of Alts and Consequences

Okay - so having a couple of alts on another server does have it's perks... Hydraxis was inaccessible to me for a few hours, so on a whim I hopped over to Argent Dawn and played my new Dwarf DK. Managed to finish almost all the DK starter quests, and looking forward to plonking him in the Plaguelands for that extra 2 levels before Outland.

Afterwards, when Hydraxis is available again, I continued doing the usual stuffs - dailies, a bit of rep grinding, an occasional detour or two, and some planning.

Aenur - Is up to 91 Emblem of Frost. Currently, her queue for random heroics is taking an average of 15-20 minutes to pop, giving her ample time to finish most of her dailies. Right now though, she doesn't have a solid reason to do them dailies - although that Argent Pony looks promising. She is now Exalted with every Northrend faction (except the Ashen Verdict) and has no need of Champion's Seal anymore. Basically she's doing it for the gold, which isn't used but diverted instead to the main bank alt.

So now I'm thinking about getting her back to Azeroth and grind out some of the old world's faction - maybe Timbermaw, or even the Thorium Brotherhood. It's just an initial thought, grinding rep while waiting for a random to pop sounds productive enough. I'm gonna sleep on it a bit.

Aelyra - Made another small upgrade: I swapped out her Dragonstompers with the Boots of Twinkling Stars, and put an Icewalker enchant on it. End result - slight increase in AP and crit while reducing the +Hit from 280 to 266. Not bad. I'm also queueing her up for more Triumph in order to net the Mark of Supremacy to replace an old, old, OLD trinket she's still sporting from her Kara days. She's still accumulating those Champion's Seals for the final heirloom piece for my future Pally - after that, it's off to the old world for her Venomhide raptor mount.

Aerhandor - Has paid the price for my lack of enthusiasm in gearing him. A few guildies were organizing a random heroic run last weekend and I volunteered to bring him with them, considering his acceptable performance in heroic VH previously. To make things interesting, I had pushed him to grind rep with the Argent Crusade to Exalted so he can get the Boots of the Neverending Path (enchanted with Assault). That, coupled with the Staff of Trickery he got, is enough to make him sit on 6k+ AP in kitty form... and snuggle comfortably with his capped +Hit. I figured he's set for random heroics now.

Boy was I wrong. We got heroic OK thrown at us - 3 druids (Feral, Boomie, Tree), a tanking DK and a new level 80 'lock - all proud, seasoned member of the guild. Aerhandor died 3 times... once at the stairs just after Prince Vampire due to lag, and twice on Herald Meanie. He simply did not have the power to punch through Evil Stormy's heals, and folded like a kitty rag =(

So now I need to prioritize getting him his tier gear ASAP.

Aergor - At level 63 at the moment, waiting for the right time to foray into Zangarmarsh for his next two levels. The one thing I'm worrying about is the Cenarion Expedition's rep - I don't want to start questing with them until I can get to Honored by doing the Unidentified Plant Parts repeatable turn-in, to maximize rep gain. And the AH (and my own bank) is fresh out of those items. Sigh... more grinding for rep...

Aerdread - Is still doing the JC dailies.

And now, onwards to my new minio- I mean my new adventurers, over on Argent Dawn!

Aethrain - My new Dwarf Hunter. It feels decidedly weird having to start all over again (and as Alliance to boot), with no sugardaddies/sugarmommies backing you up. Anyways, I got him to level 6 and parked him at that starter town just south of Ironforge until I can build a suitable reserve with...

Aerdread - new to-be sugardaddy toon! Okay, okay, blame me for the lack of unique brand name for a Dwarf DK. What can I say? Aerbeerdread doesn't sound menacing enough, and any other name is simply un-Dwarf-ish. Right now he's almost done with the starter area, and I'm leveling him a bit until he's at a level where he can generate enough gold to sustain himself and Aethrain.

I have finished most of my target objectives for my toons - both my mains are geared enough to start raiding if needed, they've gotten most of the niceties of the Tourney (mounts, tabards, heirloom pieces) and are Exalted with about all of the Northrend factions (minus one or two). I'm giving a thought about re-doing a new target list, but I'm not exactly sure whether to go ahead with that or shelve the idea and focus on the routine to generate gold in preparation for Cataclysm.

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