Sunday, June 21, 2009

First Post: Introduction

I've always wanted to post about my everyday adventures in WoW - be it about my characters' first baby steps in Azeroth, their first "Ding!", the first time they stepped through the Dark Portals... and after much contemplation, I decided to start a blog about it.

Mind you, this will not be a blog about min-maxing your characters. This will not be a blog telling you how to play your Death Knight or Hunter. No - this will be MY blog, telling you WHAT I did. So none of that "u r doin it wrong" nonsense. You want min-maxing, go to Elitist Jerks - they have enough to feed you and your ego.

Right - a little about myself. My name - as I would like to be known here - is Black Dragon, but you can call me Dragon for short. I'm from Southeast Asia and I would rather not name the country for fear of being stalked by paparazzi and anime fan-girls. I usually spend about 3 hours daily on the game, since the rest of my time is taken by work and my lovely wife... and soon, by a third member of the family ^_^

So... what can I tell about my style? I'm what you might call a casual player. I don't do much raiding (well, none since BC), Heroics are few and far between chunks of dailies, I fuss more on my characters' choices of mount and titles than their best-in-slot... oh, and I'm a terrible PvPer. I still remember how my level 70 Retribution Paladin got pawned by a level 70 Discipline Priest in AV...

I currently have 5 active characters - a level 80 Retribution Paladin (the same one mentioned above), a level 80 BM Hunter, a level 80 Feral Cat Druid, a level 80 Blood DK and a level 24 BM Hunter. My other characters are either bank alts or on cold storage at the moment.

You might have noticed that all my characters are DPS-oriented. That's correct - I play no tanks or healers, and the choice is actually taken away from my hand. Where I am, the 'Net connection is horrendous, and I get DC-ed at least once every 45 minutes. Imagine me tanking a Heroic boss, and DC-ing in the middle of the fight - guaranteed wipe. So, in order not to let that happen, I spec DPS... well, the Paladin does have Protection as his secondary spec, but I rather not test my 'Net reliability with 4 other persons' time investment.

I guess that would do for a first post - I'll do a dossier for each of my characters before going to the meat of the blog - my adventures in WoW.

Until then - Have Dragon, will travel.