Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Joining Single Abstract Noun (SAN-US)

While browsing through the blogs over in PPI, a post over in Righteous Orb caught my eyes. Tamarind (affectionally known as Tam) is starting up a guild - Single Abstract Noun, also known as SAN - in Argent Dawn-EU for bloggers and blog readers to join, to meet each other in-game, and to provide a common platform on which all of them can enjoy outside their other WoW life. It was a good idea, but since I'm not on EU side server, I did not pay much attention to it.

A couple of days later something else caught my eyes - there is a SAN on the US side server too! Apparently Miss Medicina had also started the guild with the same name on US side, not wanting the US server players/bloggers to be left out.

Just as a note - SAN-EU is a Horde guild, while the US version is Alliance. Being a primarily Horde player, this presents an opportunity for me to experience mid-to-high level Alliance content.

So, after a brief thought, I made a couple of alts over on Argent Dawn-US. One was a Night Elf bank alt, which I ran over to Darnassus and parked him. The second will be my main on the server - a Dwarf Hunter by the name of Aethrain. I have not started leveling him yet, he's still a level 1 toon - so give me a few days at him before I start including him in my weekly updates, ya?

And that presents me with another issue - how on earth do I find the time to log on to him?

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