Sunday, March 7, 2010

Of Fun and Borks

So... welcome back to another edition of Have Dragon Will Travel. I'm BD, your host (or blogger, feel free to pick whichever) and boy do we have a new adventurers' update for you. Before we start though, let's look at a bad news that's been happening here in Azeroth.

My server has issues apparently. Yesterday, at approximately 5.30 pm local time it took a nosedive while I was out leveling Aergor in HP. Every attempt to log into the game would end up at the realm selection screen with Hydraxis being listed as "Offline" - the ONLY server with that status. I've heard from other guildies that this has been the case for the past few weeks, and Blizzard has yet to come up with a solution, an explanation or free cookies. So, as usual when stuff like this happens and I need a leveling fix, I switched to Nagrand, my old server.

Anyways, rants aside, here's a quick look at the updates...

Aenur - Since she's properly decked out and doesn't need more replacement gear, I've opted to go for two things: 1) Building a T9 or equivalent tanking set for old world soloing purposes, and 2) Farm Emblem of Frosts to get the T10 set. I'm having Aenur do one daily random heroic for both Frost and Triumph while doing her dailies (both the Sons of Hodir and the Argent Tourney) so I'll probably achieve both goals slowly but surely. Currently, she's sitting on 85 Emblem of Frost and two T9 tank pieces.

On Sunday, Grey organized a 25-man ICC rep run and asked around in Gchat for any interest. I was definitely interested, and besides the Ashen Verdict melee ring looks yummy. I went with the raid and had a blast doing the rep run. Now that I'm addicted, I may put an eye out for such runs in the near future. Got my first in-game look at the T10 pieces, too.

Later, Kraggar organized a guild group to do the weekly raid, which was Flame Leviathan. I volunteered Aenur to go with them since she's never done it and this would be a fine time to step into Ulduar (all overgeared and wide-eyed). Grey briefed me on the fight, I got into a siege vehicle with him, and off we go. The fight was cool, the bugger FL went down, and no death happened. She got her emblems, everyone was happy.

Aelyra - Sacrificed a few Frost and converted them to Triumph in order to get Windrunner's Legging of Triumph, her final T9 piece and the Dexterous Brightstone Ring, so now I only need to replace the main hand weapon, both trinkets and the boots. Aside from that, she's still doing the Argent Tourney dailies... until she can get the heirloom plate shoulders for my future Paladin. Then I'm finishing off any hanging faction rep before embarking on a new project.

Aerhandor - Sacrificed a few Frost and converted them to Triumph in order to get Runetotem's Handgrips of Conquest, his second T9 piece. Before that, however, there was a guild group looking to run a heroic random and he managed to secure a spot despite being slightly undergeared and having a poor +Hit rating (200+ if I'm not mistaken). It was a smooth run however and Staff of Trickery dropped. It's a sidegrade for me, so I rolled Greed like the rest. A guildie won the roll and I offered to buy it from him - instead, he gave it to me FOC. So I enchanted it, replaced my current weapon with it and now sit at a comfortable 6k AP. Now, to work on that +Hit...

Queued him up for a normal random for his daily Triumphs, the dungeon confirmation screen popped up, I clicked Accept... and facepalm myself when HoR loading screen came up. The run wasn't that bad, but as I expected the pursuit part broke the group. After three wipes the healer bails, the warlock blamed the tank's (supposed) failure to keep aggro, and I think we simply just have not enough DPS to get through. Ah well...

Aerdread - Daily JC, in and out. Also, he's accumulating the tokens and gold from the dailies instead of using them or mailing the gold to my main bank alt. Why? Just because I feel like it.

Aergor - Is doing fine leveling. He's now level 63 and should hit 64 by the time he finishes all the available quests in HP. The lack of certain gear and weapon at his level now did bother me a bit, but I figured he should have a nice replacement when he hits Zangarmarsh. The only thing I'm looking forward to now is hitting Honored with Thrallmar and getting him the Stalker's Chain Gauntlet.

As a side note - my Alliance Paladin is now level 69, courtesy of Hydraxis's nosedive. According to my estimates, he'll need at least two days of dedicated leveling to hit 70... which I might do if Hydraxis continues to act up.

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