Monday, February 1, 2010

Of Being Fast, Furious and Confused

Despite having faced an unexpected additional maintenance, two days of little gameplay (I was tired) and a less-than-responsive lag on Saturday, overall my toons are having a deluge of upgrades going their way. In fact, there's so many upgrades that I can't remember which of it is the upgrade and which gear they've been wearing all along.

At the moment, I'm still continuing to run both regular and heroic randoms, rotating to every toon to make sure they get their daily emblems and what-nots. My central bank account is slightly broke due to having to spend so much gold getting the new gear enchanted and gemmed, so I may need to run more dailies later in order to compensate. Champion's Seal-wise, I'm good - Aenur should have her Argent Hippogryph in a day or two, and Aelyra should be able to buy another heirloom at about the same time.

Aenur - Aside from doing the Argent Tourney dailies, Aenur's also doing two Kalu'ak dailies (one in Dragonblight, the other in Borean Tundra) to fill up the rep bar, and in order to get both the cute penguin pet and the epic fishing rod. Gear-wise, she's perfectly okay, so I'm thinking of using the Triumphs she's stockpiling to build a tank gear set (off-spec) and also getting her hands on any notable tank drops from her daily heroics. And once she's gotten the Argent Hippogryph, I'm moving her to Storm Peaks so she can work on her Sons of Hodir rep (lay off those sexual innuendos, peeps!).

Aelyra - Has gotten her Windrunner's Headpiece of Conquest and is now working to get her final T9 piece (the leggings). After that, she need to upgrade her main hand weapon, her boots, both trinkets, one of her rings and the neckpiece and she'll be set like Aenur is. Hmm... still got ways to go...

Oh, and due to running heroics while Wintergrasp is in Horde's possession, she's managed to save enough Stone Keeper's Shard to purchase the Reforged Truesilver Champion, to be kept in store until my Tauren Pally can come into play.

Aerhandor - Is the actual reason for the post title. In one week he went from a blue/green guy to 40% covered-in-epicness guy. He's finally got the ToC leggings - Leggings of Brazen Trespass, the Carpal Tunnelers from a random regular HoR and scraped enough Triumphs to buy his first T9 piece - Runetotem's Shoulderpads of Conquest. And all that while he's not even hit-capped!

I'm still debating whether to upgrade him to running random heroics since I feel he's not ready for it, but on the other hand running him through heroics will net him more Triumph, hence faster gear upgrades and better performance. We'll just have to see for the time being.

Aerdread - Has been parked in Dalaran doing the JC daily for the JC token. I'm also having him do the fishing daily if it's doesn't send him out of Dal. Aside from that, I'm having him do one regular random per day just as filler. I may ramp him up once both Aenur and Aelyra finish gearing and I have the time to burn, but that's still a long time in the future. I'm hoping I could save enough Triumphs on him by then to buy all the T9 pieces for him before actually doing a heroic - fat chance, eh?

Aergor - Has achieved the target level - he's now level 59 and questing in Silithus for that final one level before Outland (only 60% more to go). I know, I know - the level limit is 58, but I feel much more secure having that extra 2 levels with him. I may choose not to have Aelyra craft any OL starter gear for him and will go with quest rewards only, because I think the levels will fly pass too fast for that gear to make a difference. Instead, I'm stockpiling NR mats and crafting Aergor both the NR starting gear and the blue PvP gear and work from there.

Aeyrin - Is being parked for the moment so I can focus on Aergor.

Note: I'm currently reading up on how to solo MC - this has something to do with my ambitious endeavour to wield Sulfuras on my Paladin (originally, it was my original Pally, Aerander's wish, but now it's become Aenur's). All hints points to doing the place as Prot, which is why I'm starting to accumulate said gears on Aenur. I'm guessing 4-piece T9 tank set, some nice iLevel 245 tank helm, a couple of cool tank trinkets and the shield from regular HoR should be adequate, but I'm going for overkill and assembling the best rings, neckpiece, etcetera for this venture.