Monday, January 11, 2010

Of Summary Updates

Again, apologies for the short and late updates - I've been busy IRL - my younger sister's getting married, my son is starting to roll, my wife has started working, office's been quite busy with a law case against a defaulting customer... you know the deal.

Aenur - Been in a lot of random heroics, got enough Triumphs to snag both the Mark of Supremacy and the Bloodshed Band. I'm saving enough for her final Triumph upgrade - the helm - before switching to the Hunter for gearing and will leave Aenur with dailies and her daily 2 Emblem of Frost. I'm still trying to get her a pair of ach in the process - the maxed Unarmed ach and the Master of Arms - but that final point in Unarmed is a b***h to get.

Aelyra - Has gotten her second T9 piece, the Windrunner's Handguards of Triumph. Now I'm making her do some sporadic randoms in order to get a running start in Triumph accumulation. I'm planning to get the chestpiece first, then the helm and leave the leggings for last. I'm also musing about replacing her main hand weapon with the Hunter's version of Quel'Delar - my chances of snagging one of those battered hilt is remote, but currently it's touted as one of the best stat-stick a Hunter can get. We'll see.

Aerhandor - Is sick and tired of ToC. An average of 2 runs per day for the past several days, and not even a decent off-spec leather drop. He managed to get Uruka's Band of Zeal, actually, but that doesn't count =( I've reconsidered doing ToC on him and instead switched to "do-a-regular-random-a-day-for-Triumph" routine beginning yesterday. I hate you, RNG.

Aerdread - Has done exactly what Aerhandor did previously - running ToC for gearing purposes. Almost got that same ring that Aerhandor did - but I left early before the loot could be distributed and lost it. I don't actually mind though - he's not doing anything other than counting dust specks on his shoulderplates and leveling his JC (which is 370/450 currently). If he gets geared, great! If not, well at least he'll bring home some disenchanted mats, a bit of gold and some loot when he comes home =D

One thing, though - I was fooling around last weekend and queued him up for a random regular. Guess what instance pops out? You may have guessed Oculus, but it's not - it's PoS. Managed to get through it without any wipes, deaths or taxes. Too bad nothing exciting dropped. Oh well.

Aeyrin - Pushed her to level herself and her professions hard - hit level 36 and got her Inscription and Alchemy up to Expert level (I think it's Expert... no?). The combination of double XP and Heirloom be praised!

So, until the next update, HDWT!

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