Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Of More Late Updates

It's a bit later than I like, but I finally found some time to write down the progress that my adventurers have managed to achieve during the final week of 2009 and the first few days of 2010. The list is quite long, and there are several hilarious events that I am keen to touch upon, but I fear it would take up too much of the post so I'll be better off mentioning only the highlights.


Aenur - Has finally managed to obtain her Argent Charger and Red Drake mount. Doesn't she look regal, galloping around the Tourney ground on her Paladin-y horse? Oh, and running randoms day in and day out she's managed to snag Liadrin's Legplates of Triumph, making it her fourth T9 piece and finally getting that sweet 4-piece tier set bonus. Aside from that, she's also got the Libram of Valiance and used her Stone Keeper Shards to purchase a Heirloom sword for Aeyrin.

Her highlight of the week? Running reg HoR with a random PuG... with herself as Ret (DPS), a Prot Pally tanking, and a Holy Pally as the healer. This group composition got laughed at by the Warrior and Mage in the group, too - with 3 paladins providing CC, Oh-Sh*t abilities, 3 kinds of Blessings and Judgements the entire run was a fun filled exercise for all of us. No wipes, no death... but unfortunately no Plate drop either. We must've jinxed it >.<

Aelyra - Has begun doing a random Heroic per day in addition to her dailies. I hope to be able to garner enough triumphs to purchase her second tier piece by the time Aenur is done so she can start her randoms in force.

Her highlight of the week - Shortly after handing in her last daily for the day, a guildie of mine, Kraenok, who was out on a reconn mission in Storm Peaks for the Time-Lost Proto-Drake, called in over gchat announcing that he's found Skoll, the rare wolf Spirit Beast. Aelyra was quick to answer the call, hopping onto her drake and speeding all the way there.

Did I get it? Yes! Do I love it? Hell yes! I are proud owner of Spirit Beast, rawr! (although my heart is still set for Loque) Too bad I forgot to get a proper SS for this week's update.

Aerhandor - Has started running reg ToC once every day in addition to his dailies. I would rather not start him on ToC when he's only exalted with his own faction and still need to grind rep with the rest, but I am pressured to take advantage of the Dungeon Finder tool while it's still popular. Unfortunately his luck with loot is abyssmal - he's got the Gloves of the Argent Fanatic, which is a nice upgrade... but the rest of the drops are not as good as his current gear (I got Shoulderpads of the Infamous Knave drop twice, not as good an upgrade as Aerhandor's current Trollwoven Spaulders). Here's to hoping the trinket and the cloak drop - as well as the boots.

Aeyrin - Has gotten both Heirloom weapons - the Battleworn Thrash Blade and the Balanced Heartseeker, both enchanted with the Crusader enchant and ready to rock. Those, coupled with the Heirloom chestpiece and shoulders are enough to greatly help me level her. However, with Aenur, Aelyra and Aerhandor being busy as they are, it might take me some time before I can actually dedicate some time to do that.


There are other events that I should be mentioning in details, too - running with some guildies for triumphs, tanking exercises and healing practises, some fail PuGs I have the misfortune to join... but sadly my memory retention is bad at recalling stuffs over two seconds old, and so I regret that I cannot post them here =P

Maybe next time I should SS these events to help me remember things better, no?

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