Sunday, January 17, 2010

Of Loots and Stuffs

Finally... after a couple of weeks of packed RL schedule, last week's ample free time was a breath of fresh air. I managed to do a lot of things across all my adventurers, even managed to accomplish some of the goals I thought weren't even possible given the number of activities going on.

First off - I am extending my hours up to 2 a.m. to compensate for my erratic starting time (I usually starts at 8.30 p.m., but these days I need to cover baby duties while my wife does houseworks during the evening so I get to start up WoW at 9.00 - 9.30) which gives me an extra hour to adventure. So I'm bringing Aerdread back into active duty and probably do something worthwhile instead of gathering dusts on the bench.

Second - my initial plan of making Aerhandor run ToC for gear has failed miserably. RNG has not been merciful and I could not even get his hands on an off-spec drop... BECAUSE THEY NEVER DROP! For crying out loud - I've been running the place close to 12 times a week with 2 items in mind (plus some 3-4 off-spec items) and not ONE of them dropped. So I'm calling him off that place and instead queue him up for a random regular for his daily 2 Triumphs. It's going to take a while before he can amass enough emblems to buy his T9 though... although he is in essence skipping the heroic instances level this way.

Lastly - there is a shortage of posts here other than my regular weekly update. I meant to post a guide on how I do stuffs on my toons, but being largely inexperienced with Blogger and the way my pics in post turns out, I may experiment a bit before publishing it. I'm doing one this weekend and see how that turns out.

Aenur - Has completed her T9 gear with the purchase of Liadrin's Helm of Triumph. Also, in one of her random heroics, she managed to obtain The Lady's Promise from HoR to replace her last blue item. And before that, I took the effort (and the gold) to procure a Titanium Spikeguards for her. And even way before that, she managed to snag from ol' Keri in H Nexus a Flame-Bathed Steel Girdle (it's a cheap item in comparison to her other gears, but an improvement over her Savage Saronite Waistguard). Socketed and gemmed and enchanted, she is still however short of the 5k AP (buffed) benchmark I've set. I may need to tweak or upgrade the gear make-up a bit more.

As a result of running so much heroics, she has accumulated quite a number of Stone Keeper's Shard, which I never noticed until last Saturday. When I did, I took her to Wintergrasp immediately to purchase her very own Black War Mammoth.

And since she no longer has any pressing need for Triumphs, I'm diverting her to Dragonblight to correct a small tactical error - her neglected Kalu'ak rep (early Revered at the moment). She's doing the rep grind, the dailies for Champion's Seal, and one random heroic per day for her Emblem of Frost now. Sweet.

Aelyra - Has been pushed to the head of the queue, and will be grinding Triumphs for her remaining 3 T9 pieces. She has no noticeable drop these last few days though, but her collection of emblems is growing.

Aerhandor - Frustrated with the way ToC RNG treated him, I'm having him do one random regular every day in addition to the Tourney dailies he's currently running. No noticeable drops so far, but the main focus here is the 2 Emblem of Triumphs per day. I'm considering any useful drops that comes his way as bonuses.

Aerdread - Has made improvements in various aspects. With patience and hard work, he has finally managed to get to 400/450 JC and can now prospects the huge amount of Saronite ore currently stashed in my bank alt. And now he can start to do the JC dailies and hopefully soon will be able to provide gems for my other adventurers.

Also, gear-wise, I've been making him do ToC runs (albeit irregularly). In one of his early runs he managed to get Drape of the Undefeated. Then after several runs with no DPS plate drops, suddenly last Sunday he managed to win Breastplate of the Imperial Joust and Gauntlets of the Stouthearted Crusader in one run. Actually, Helm of the Violent Fray did drop from last boss, but I figured I'd pass since the other plate DPS (Ret Pally) wanted it. As an addition, he's crafted his own Charged Titanium Specs to replace his older, blue-level googles. My only grouse right now is the lack of rare-level gems to socket in his gear - I'm not using epic-level gem to socket into these gears just yet.

Aergor - Is now level 56. Will find out if I can squeeze another 2 levels out of him by the end of this month.

Aeyrin - Is now decked in all the Heirloom items she needs to seriously start leveling with the final addition of Swift Hand of Justice, courtesy of Aelyra. Now, if only I can slot the time to level her...

Now, the bad news - I find that I'm growing increasingly disillusioned with playing a Priest, despite not having logging into Aerdanil for the past couple of weeks. Maybe it's my instinctive dislike of caster class. Maybe I'm too accustomed to more resilient toons and is bad at playing a squishy one. Whatever the reason, I finally decided to delete the Side-Project and write off the experiment as "Requiring further analysis". The heirlooms he's sporting is now under my bank alt's custody - I may one day find the drive to play one, and I'm not letting the tools to do it be thrown away. So there - no more Priest. No more Side-Project.

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