Sunday, January 24, 2010

Of the Lamest Update Post Evarrr! ...for now.

It's a common malady with me, I think. Every time I plan for something, inexplicably Murphy's Law will be in work. Take last week for example. I got Aelyra prepped and ready to go all out to get her fourth T9 piece... and ran headfirst into a wall. A lag wall, registering at OVER 9000... wait, it was only at 4.5k latency. Sigh...

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depends on your point of view) the lag stabilised around Sunday 5 p.m local time and I was able to complete all the dailies on Aenur, Aelyra, Aerhandor and Aerdread. Later that night I even managed to bring them all into random instances for their daily emblems. Too bad nothing substantial came out of it, though.

So, in lieu of toon by toon update, I'll just mention they got their dailies done, got their daily emblems, got some side activities done while waiting for the randoms to pop up, and end it there. Goshdarn it - Aelyra's at 33 Triumphs at log off yesterday, only needed about 4 more randoms for her T9 helm... sigh...

As for the lowbie alts, I tried leveling them but the lag totally messed up the rhythm - Aeyrin died at least 3 times, Aergor only once thanks to his pet defending him on several occasions... so they only got one level each (Aeyrin is now level 37 and Aergor is level 57). Projection for Aergor seems to be on track - I'm going all out on him this weekend and make sure he's in Outland by this weekend.

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