Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Travelers: My Mains

Note: I've been trying to get some pictures of my characters in, but unfortunately my lack of experience with blog picture editor has made it not possible this time. Ah well, maybe when I'm more of a super blogger /wink

Previously I mentioned about doing a post about the identity of my characters that adventured through Azeroth - so, guess what? Now I get to introduce them! I considered only my Paladin as my main character, but the 'Mains' in the blog title is actually referring to my 4 most active characters, those that I play and tweak and adventure with the most.

So, without further delay, let me introduce to you:

Aenur the Argent Champion

This female Blood Elf Paladin is my main character. Being 80 now, she's currently tied with the Argent Crusade dailies in Icecrown, working on getting the last faction to Exalted and getting the Hippogryph mount. Her main mounts are the PvP Black War Wolf and the Bronze Drake, which my guildies help me get (much love to them!).

She's equipped for Heroics and entry-level raiding, but sadly since there's a big gap between the time zone here and my guildies (most which are Americans), I seldom got to run anything with them. Tried PuGs - didn't work so well most of the time. So aside from the dailies, I take her to go sight-seeing to places I never could before - Alliance cities, entrance of Kara, beat up Hogger, run some lowbie dungeons for fun, and generally enjoying myself.

Aelyra of the Shattered Suns

This female Blood Elf Hunter was originally made to be a support prop for Aenur - I would grind equipments, gold, mats, anything - and mail them to the Paladin for her use. But she grew so fast and so strong that eventually she became a stand-alone character deserving of her own achievements. Now at 80, she's currently on the last few rep points of Wyrmrest Accord - once she gets to Exalted and got her own Red Drake, I'm going to switch her over to Sons of Hodir. She's using the PvP Black War Raptor and the Violet Netherdrake at the moment.

Her equipment is a bit lackluster - mostly the PvP Swiftarrow set, but my guildies have been kind enough to take me and her to some Heroics so she has one or two epics adorning her. Since I don't really do much raiding with Aelyra, I usually have her farm leathers to help craft some equipment for my next character.


This level 80 male Tauren Druid started out poorly - during BC, way before he hits level 20, I decided I hated the way Druids play, and shelves him. When Aenur and Aelyra had nothing better to do than doing Quel'Danas dailies, I tried leveling him again - with help from Aelyra's crafted items and generous support of my guildies. Finally, after much perseverance, I got him to 70... and found that once the initial leveling is done, Aerhandor isn't that bad. In fact, I've gotten better at playing a Druid that he now sports a Veridian Netherdrake after only two and a half week of Netherwing rep grinding/dailies. I'm still trying to schedule him into some PvP matches so he can get his PvP Black War Kodo, but for now he's stuck with the Swift Gray Kodo.

Aerhandor is dressed in almost full PvP crafted gear - the Eviscerator, since I don't usually utilize him for instances or raiding. And since he has Skinning and Mining, the only time I use him is for gathering raw mats for Aenur and Aelyra (who has Blacksmithing and Leatherworking, respectively). He's now just starting the Wyrmrest/Kalu'ak rep circuit, hopefully getting the Penguin pet and Red Drake afterwards.


Level 80 male Tauren Death Knight, originally made because of the Lich King Hero-class hype. I found that the ease of leveling him as well as the head start in level that he had, made a perfect opportunity to mould him into an adventurer for any purpose I want. Unfortunately once he got to 80, I forgot what that purpose was, so he's stuck doing dailies for the Ebon Blade and leveling his Jewelcrafting skills. Heh. He had the usual Archerus Steed as his land mount, but being an Engineer he uses the Turbo-Charged Flying Machine to travel.

The plan with Aerdread right now is to get him Exalted with the Knights of the Ebon Blade first, and later on maybe to try and get him better equipment - he's only using the PvP Savage Saronite Battlegear for now. Which entails getting into a few Northrend instances /shudder.

Next post:- The Travelers: The Support behind the Scenes

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