Monday, July 13, 2009

The Travelers: The Support behind the Scene

Note: This is the next installment ot my characters' background post.

What would a performer be without proper logistical support? Her make-up artist, her performing band, the manager, the slightly-trussled intendant? Hence, what would your main character be without his/her bank alt, his/her mule etc.? /wink


Aezurin is a level 39 Blood Elf Hunter who's made Thunder Bluff her permanent home. Stripped of almost all her basic provisions (pots, quest items, spare gear) she is now playing the role of being my mid-level Enchanter who DE stuffs and my other characters' link to the Guild Vault - in case I need to deposit or withdraw anything.

She wasn't always an assigned Gvault mule though... I remembered getting her the epic Bow of Searing Arrow and thinking "Imma make her a BG twink alt!!" But somewhere along the way the idea just kinda fizzled and Aezurin now just sat there in TB as a glorified bank alt :P

Oh, and she still has that bow o_O


Aerander is a bank alt.

THE bank alt.

A level 10 Blood Elf Paladin who has a 4-tab Guild Vault to store the wealth (and junk) of every other character I have. For the record, I'm still amazed by the amount of junk - they outnumber the usable stuff by almost double >.<

Anyway - Aerander stores stuffs, AH stuffs, browse the Silvermoon City AH for stuffs, and generally buys stuffs to mail to other characters. He also stores gold mailed to him from other characters in the Gvault. (It's an obsession of mine to not have more than 100G on any character at any given time.)


Aergor is not really part of the support crew. I made him (an Orc Hunter) because of the need to have a high-level Gatherer/Enchanter in the end-game.

So why not level Aezurin instead, you might wonder? Well, truth be told - my computer cannot handle the enviroment of Dalaran. Everytime any of my main step foot in Dal, I get 0 fps and have nightmares about moving from the Flight Master to the city portals, let alone the banks. So I need an alt to play the link between them and the Gvault. I haven't used the mains' bank slots since Wrath came out! Hence, Aezurin is my lifeline (for Gvault access).

So I leveled a new alt. Having played a couple of Hunters, I know the tricks to get them to max level, what I can or cannot handle, stuff like that. Aergor is level 32 now - I hope to be able to get him to 80 slowly but surely. ^_^

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