Sunday, June 21, 2009

First Post: Introduction

I've always wanted to post about my everyday adventures in WoW - be it about my characters' first baby steps in Azeroth, their first "Ding!", the first time they stepped through the Dark Portals... and after much contemplation, I decided to start a blog about it.

Mind you, this will not be a blog about min-maxing your characters. This will not be a blog telling you how to play your Death Knight or Hunter. No - this will be MY blog, telling you WHAT I did. So none of that "u r doin it wrong" nonsense. You want min-maxing, go to Elitist Jerks - they have enough to feed you and your ego.

Right - a little about myself. My name - as I would like to be known here - is Black Dragon, but you can call me Dragon for short. I'm from Southeast Asia and I would rather not name the country for fear of being stalked by paparazzi and anime fan-girls. I usually spend about 3 hours daily on the game, since the rest of my time is taken by work and my lovely wife... and soon, by a third member of the family ^_^

So... what can I tell about my style? I'm what you might call a casual player. I don't do much raiding (well, none since BC), Heroics are few and far between chunks of dailies, I fuss more on my characters' choices of mount and titles than their best-in-slot... oh, and I'm a terrible PvPer. I still remember how my level 70 Retribution Paladin got pawned by a level 70 Discipline Priest in AV...

I currently have 5 active characters - a level 80 Retribution Paladin (the same one mentioned above), a level 80 BM Hunter, a level 80 Feral Cat Druid, a level 80 Blood DK and a level 24 BM Hunter. My other characters are either bank alts or on cold storage at the moment.

You might have noticed that all my characters are DPS-oriented. That's correct - I play no tanks or healers, and the choice is actually taken away from my hand. Where I am, the 'Net connection is horrendous, and I get DC-ed at least once every 45 minutes. Imagine me tanking a Heroic boss, and DC-ing in the middle of the fight - guaranteed wipe. So, in order not to let that happen, I spec DPS... well, the Paladin does have Protection as his secondary spec, but I rather not test my 'Net reliability with 4 other persons' time investment.

I guess that would do for a first post - I'll do a dossier for each of my characters before going to the meat of the blog - my adventures in WoW.

Until then - Have Dragon, will travel.


  1. Hi there and welcome to the blogosphere! It's nice to get an Asian perspective - most bloggers seem to be US/CAN/AUS, with a few europeans added.

    Casual or not - I think the blogs that are most interesting are the ones sharing ideas and experiences, not strategies. So I think you're on the right track.

    Good luck on your blogging adventure!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Larisa! It's good to finally be able to share my WoW experince in the blogosphere.

    Here's to hoping for more WoW fun in the future! =)