Monday, August 9, 2010

Of Rusty Warhammers and Dusty Bows

Sooo... I found out that I'm not that rusty after all - I can still do most dailies out of muscle memory and a bit of quest text skimming, and my toons are geared enough to allow me to commit a couple of errors or compensate for my few momentary lapse of judgements (...wait, when did I map Serpent Sting to there??).

Good news: Due to diligently keeping both my bank alts in order, I have no problem sorting out out-of-date inter-toon item mails. And the heirloom items for my future Tauren Pally are complete and awaiting the creation of said owner =)

Bad news: Cash-wise, I'm broke. Between 4 level 80s and an upcoming level 71, plus one or two lowbie alts, I have at most 15k gold. With Cataclysm looming on the horizon, I'm tempted to work all alts equally hard to make enough gold to survive the expansion. Trouble is - I'm too lazy to work all alts =P

Onwards to toon updates:-

Aelyra - Is still going with the Tourney dailies. She now has 100+ Champion's Seal, and once she has enough to grab that Argent Pony Bridle, she's off to more exciting things - like raiding Ulduar. Yeah, you heard me right - Ztormy is trying to organize an Ulduar team specifically to do hard content and possibly Algalon, and I've put up Aelyra as my preferred toon.

Gear-wise in my humble opinion she still need a necklace upgrade, a main hand weapon upgrade and at least a trinket upgrade, but even without those she's rated at ICC level by WoW Heroes. So there should be no issue of her (or me, for that matter) performing in Ulduar, eh?

Aenur - Still need 3 pieces of T10 - the headpiece, the chestpiece and the skirt. And with her current Frost count at 33, it looks to be a long and boring road of random heroics and lucky VoA raids. Oh I wish I could magically turn those excess Triumphs into Frosts...

Aerhandor - In light of Cataclysm's impending approach, I've decided to forgo dailies by him and instead focus on getting something personal for him - the title of "Guardian of Cenarius".

The title, bestowed by the Cenarion Circle to druids who are Exalted with both the Cenarion Circle and the Cenarion Expedition, is quite a pain to get. To get to Exalted with the Circle, I had Aerhandor move to Silithus and farm Twilight mobs for their rep and also the Encrypted Twilight Texts (turn 10 of them in at Cenarion Hold for a beefy 500 rep). So far, he's halfway through Revered and should be able to hit Exalted in one week's time.

Cenarion Expedition is a different matter - the prospect of doing repeated Steamvault runs does not quite appeal to me, but I'll deal with it when I get there.

Aerdread - I was seriously thinking about shelving my Tauren DK a few days back, because there seem to be nothing I wanted to do with him in the long run. Also, I'm not particularly interested in re-doing the whole Tourney Aspirant/Valiant dailies again. Which is why I'm now in a quandary... should I go ahead with the plan to shelve him?

Aergor - Shattered Sun dailies. They've yielded some gold, some green items, loads of SSO rep (just hit Revered yesterday) and one level. All I care about here is the cool tabard and the extra Exalted faction count. Once he hits Exalted with the SSO, he's gonna grab the tabard and swim as hard as he can to Northrend.

Aeyrin - The neglected Blood Elf Rogue. Love the fancy heirlooms and cute face, just couldn't find the time... until last weekend.

I've unleashed the beast within that Rogue, and she's catapulted from 42 to 48 in a matter of two days. She's been Cheap Shotting and Pickpocketting and Sinister Striking and Rupturing and all I can see is that level bar climbing higher and higher. By the end of her session, she's up by 6 levels and her Lockpicking skills have also improved substantially. I may just clear up my weekends to try and see if I can slot another level 80 into my toon list?

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