Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Return of BD

Yes, I'm not dead yet (although I suspect most of you thought otherwise).

Since my game time ended somewhere around April 17th, I've not bothered to renew because of two reasons:-

1) The local game shop is simply atrocious in supplying WoW game cards. There'll be a few in stock when I've already bought one, however when I need one they just don't have any available. I've done some scouting and found another game shop in the area that sells it, but their record of supplying WoW game cards is similar to the first shop. So meh...

2) I've been cheating on WoW with another MMORPG. And her name is EVE Online. I've been playing the 14-days trial just after my WoW sub ended and was eventually hooked - I registered an account and am now on my way to making millions of ISK. The abundance of PvP however did get on my nerve, so I'm thinking of tuning it down until I can afford enough ISK to sustain a PvP lifestyle.

Two months without the company of my guildies is now beginning to gnaw at me. How are they doing? Did they down LK yet? Are they preparing for Cataclysm? How many alts did Shadow have now? And is Rage working on his 12th alt to level 80?

So, I decided to come back to WoW by the end of July, and maybe put EVE on autopilot for a while (training skills).

Azeroth, look out - (in best Terminator impersonation) "I'LL BE BACK".

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