Monday, April 5, 2010

Of... blearkh, Latency Issue Again

For almost the entirerity of last week I've been hit with bad latency. There was sporadic moments when it subsides and I can finish a daily or two, but mostly I could do nothing (even Argent Dawn and Nagrand has the same issue). So, I got nothing much done.

Aenur is now at 135 Champion's Seal count, and at the rate of 5 seals per day she should be done on Friday. I've taken her to Wintergrasp occasionally and netted a few of the easier PvP achieves, and once weekend comes I'll switch her into full PvP endeavour - I just need to read up on the proper PvP gearing guides.

Aelyra has just gotten her Venomsaur mount, so I've parked her on Tourney ground and will grind Champion's Seal for her own Pony Bridle. I also need to upgrade her boots, her main hand weapon and both her trinkets without affecting her +Hit.

Aerhandor is still lounging around, doing a random heroic or two in order to get another upgrade by Triumph (at least his leggings and idol, I can probably overlook the trinkets and rings for now).

Aergor is now level 67, and about 35-40% away from 68. Once he hits that number, I'm bringing to to Northrend to upgrade his professions, then it's back to Outland for levelling until 70. Aelyra made him a complete Northrend starter gear (Frostscale Gear IIRC) which he won't be able to completely wear until level 73, so might as well push him to 70 so he can wear most of it by the time he hits Northrend.

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