Monday, April 12, 2010

Been Having a Few Bad Weeks

To misquote Darth Vader from Star Wars: A New Hope: "The Lag is strong in this one."

I was barely able to finish some of the dailies, but most of the time I simply can't take it anymore, log off and play Neverwinter Nights or C&C 3 instead. There has got to be a problem I overlooked somewhere for the lag to be this bad this long, right? Wrong - I've rechecked the connection, cleaned my WTF folder, ran anti-virus and anti-malware a couple of times and even shut off auto-update in hopes of making it go away. No such luck.

I'm left with the impression that it may have something to do with the US side data centre, but it's just a guess. Pretty soon, if situation does not improve, I may be forced not to renew my sub until Cataclysm (and my current sub expires this April 17th.).

Most of my adventurers aren't able to complete much of what they should - Aenur couldn't bring her devastating presence into Wintergrasp PvP... and during the times that she could, she did nothing more than stand like an idiot while that Fury Warrior cut her to pieces (ohaithar Mr. Lag, fancy meeting u here in WG). Aerhandor is six days behind in getting the Triumph needed for his leggings, and Aergor is barely leveling enough to make it to Northrend by the end of this month. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement - I was so frustrated that I almost wrecked my new keyboard in a fit.

Don't ask me how - I'm ashamed enough as it is.

So I won't be posting the weekly updates this time, even though there are a few tales that need telling. Suffice to say that my disappointment at the lag state far, far outweigh my desire to update the blog this week, for now.

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