Sunday, November 29, 2009

Of Return of the Kin- I mean Adventurers...

Yesterday, I went and bought the game card intending to reload my WoW account - and found out that Blizzard has offered me a 7 days free game time. So I registered for the free days and kept the game card for afterwards =D

The new PC and new 'Net connection are superb (at least for now). I had no DC at all during my 6-hours refresher, and the latency stayed at an average of 700 ms. Although the sound is a bit muffled in my opinion, the overall experience is a good one.

Anyways, on to the adventurers!

Aenur did some Argent Tourney dailies just for warm-ups - I had a slightly hard time accustoming myself to playing WoW again. No death though, just some silly mistakes: Not having a Blessing of Might up until about 3 dailies in, not using the Art of War procs to throw an Exorcism... things like that. Managed to clean the circuit in about an hour though - I still recall where to go and how to do the dailies, at least.

I had intended to take Aelyra out for her dailies, but decided to test Aeyrin the Rogue first. Got hooked playing her and went to take her from level 28 to level 30 in Ashenvale. I decided that the next heirloom would be one for her =p

Next up is Aergor. I was planning to take him to Tanaris to finish some quests and maybe move him into Un'goro, but a sudden insight hit me - maybe I can try Feralas? And that's how I managed to snag ten quests and a level (from 47 to 48). Still a lot to do, so I may let him stay here and finish the zone.

Oh - and I did let all my toons get their Onyxia Whelping and Chilly the Penguin from their mail. Managed to get the WoW 5th Anniversary achievement too - I thought I'd have to miss out on those. Lucky me ^_^

I will need to do a proper schedule after this - I'm not going to have so much free time as before, as I'll need to look after my son Adam too. Maybe a 3-hours a day schedule, where I'm going to focus on dailies and maybe one Heroic run, and the weekends will be leveling and farming. I'll be sure to note it down so I'll have a point of reference (and to avoid WoW becoming out of control =p ). But two things are for certain.

One, I'm attempting to go into regular Heroic/Raiding business. Two, I'm BACK! =D

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