Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Patch 3.2's Arrival

Honestly, I wasn't expecting Patch 3.2 to hit this early - I was speculating that the earliest the patch would hit was on next Tuesday. Heh... that shows how much I'm unfit to be a weatherman or stock broker, hehehe...

Anyways, back to Patch thingie.

The changes to the mount system has got to be the one improvement that I'm looking forward to. Now that the level requirement has been lowered to level 20, I can now manage to get both Aeyrin the Rogue and Aerdanil the Priest their mount and the skill to ride it. It was a great improvement, seeing the land zip by as you move from one area to the other. This will definitely make levelling a lot faster, and get those delivery quests done sooner. I'm appreciative of what Blizzard has done with this - GOOD JOB! ^_^

After that, I took Aenur out to see the completed Coliseum - which is quite astounding, IMHO - and tried out the new dailies that were implemented. The theory was simple, the execution was not. There's about half a dozen people already there at the quest location, swarming over the quest mob as soon as the bugger spawned. So I took a few minutes to scout the entire area, getting the overall picture into my head, and once most of the peeps are gone, I managed to snag the quest mob without opposition. Got Aenur the new Argent Crusade tabard (now with hearth options!) which definitely looks good on her - the gold borders add a royalty feel to the otherwise standard Argent colors.

Next - Aerhandor the Druid. The new Bear form looks awesome - I can almost touch the new shiny fur... but his Cat form borders on disaster. True, the form is cooler than the old model, but the coloration? Uugh... Guess I may have to get used to it, or if I can't, I'm gonna drag him to the Barber's Shop and dye him in something else.

Aerdread's talent points have been reset - luckily, I did wrote down his spec before the Patch hits, so I just assign points as per. Otherwise, I don't think I should change his spec without further testing.

The Coliseum new instances calls out to me - I know it. But being busy with work and preparation for the baby (shopping, etc.), I may have to postpone any run to the weekends. I hear there's jousting (/shudder), which I'm bad at. Oh, sure, the Valiants are pushovers when you get the rotation down, but the darn Champions cheat, and cheat a lot. So... if everything is alright tonight, I may just move Aenur and Aerdread to the Tournament ground and let them run the instances first (with guildies' help, of course).

Oh, by the way - I need to get as much Champion Seals as possible, those new Heirloom chests will do wonders for my levelling alts...

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